Risk Disclosure Policy

At Tauracapital we are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive information regarding the risks associated with trading in financial markets. Before engaging in any trading activities, it’s crucial for our clients to understand and acknowledge the following risks:

Market Risks: The financial markets are inherently volatile and subject to rapid fluctuations. Prices of financial instruments can change quickly, leading to potential losses for traders.

Leverage Risks: Trading on margin or with leverage can amplify both profits and losses. While leverage can enhance potential gains, it also increases the risk exposure, leading to significant losses that may exceed initial investments.

Liquidity Risks: Some market conditions may result in decreased liquidity, causing difficulty in executing trades at desired prices. This can lead to slippage or gaps in pricing.

Political and Economic Risks: Political events, economic data releases, geopolitical tensions, and other external factors can significantly impact financial markets, leading to sudden and unpredictable price movements.

Technological Risks: While we employ state-of-the-art technology, there is a possibility of technical failures, including but not limited to system outages, interruptions in connectivity, and data inaccuracies, which may impact trading activities.

Regulatory Risks: Changes in regulatory environments, policies, or legal frameworks in various jurisdictions can affect trading conditions, margin requirements, and the availability of certain financial instruments.

Counterparty Risks: Engaging with counterparties, including brokers and financial institutions, poses risks related to their financial stability, solvency, or operational capabilities.

It is imperative for traders to conduct thorough research, utilize risk management strategies, and be aware of these risks before participating in any trading activities. While potential profits can be attractive, traders should be prepared for the possibility of substantial losses.

At Tauracapital we strongly encourage our clients to seek independent financial advice and fully understand the risks involved in trading before making any investment decisions.

The use of Tauracapital.com and services are at your own risk and the company shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses of any kind that you shall incur as a result of modifications and/or enhancement and/or the termination and/or suspension and/or discontinuation of Tauracapital.com or any of the website’s services.

By using our services, clients acknowledge and accept the risks associated with trading in financial markets and agree that Tauracapital shall not be held responsible for any losses incurred during trading activities.

Data & Information Collection

The data and information sought from our customers are collected based on various methods. For instance, the primary source of information and data collection is our trading platform which you shall be using, or the communication between you and us, including our offices and authorized personnel, etc. The information and data are further collected from third-party sources as well as through surveys, customer feedback, and by any means necessary.

The information we seek also comprises providing personal information on an individual level by all of our customers. For the sake of clarity, we would like to explain that any information which is helpful in the identification of the user is hence ‘personal information.’ So the personal information includes providing us with your full name, gender, office and home addresses, age, mobile and telephone numbers, email address, or other contact details. In addition, your financial and wealth statements, bank account details, social security number, national id card, passport, utility bills, etc., can all prove your identity, and hence they too are part of your personal information.

You need to make yourself understand that we require such information and data for the purposes of identification and for carrying out an AML and KYC background back. More importantly, we guarantee our services when somebody has sent us a duly filled-in registration form and deposited the initial deposit amount in a trading account. So for the purposes of registration and fulfilling the initial deposit requirement, we are authorized to collect such information and data from our customers.

We accept oral and document-based evidence for checking the identity of our customers. However, we reserve the right to confirm the evidence by any means necessary. In this connection, prior to offering your membership or even after the registration, we reserve the right to seek documentary proof, particularly with regard to your identification. As documentary proof, you shall be responsible for providing us documents such as front and back copies of your utility bills, credit or debit cards, national ID cards, social security cards, passports, financial, wealth, and bank statements, etc.

We are authorized to take whatever steps or employ the best security standards to ensure the security of your information and data. In case the data is stolen or misused or scammed, or hacked at no fault of Tauracapital, then we shall not be responsible. This Privacy Policy binds us not to give intentionally or unintentionally your data and information to anyone without your permission, except that the data and information have been sought by a competent court of law.

Only the customer or Tauracapital  or our authorized personnel shall be authorized to access the data. You shall be responsible for letting us know if your data or information has been changed, altered, or modified. We reserve the right to maintain and process your data and information and keep the original or copied within our local servers and storage devices.

You have the right to deny or grant access to the cookies or restrict them according to your needs. Cookies are part of our website through which we identify our traders and visitors.

Policy for Mobile Trading

In principle, this Privacy Policy is applicable in its existing form to Tauracapital mobile trading app, which is a value-added service allowing convenient access to our platform. However, there are a few differences between the general policy and the policy for mobile trading.

When installing our mobile trading app, our app will seek permission to access your mobile device. It is at your discretion whether you accept or refuse permissions or restrict them to a certain extent. The followings are the permissions we obtain for mobile trading:

Installation of the app
Storage Access
Access to microphone
Media storage
Access to contacts
Access to internet

If you do not need the app, then you can use our web trading platform. In case you have downloaded the app but no longer wish to use the same, you can delete it by pressing the Uninstall button.